In 2008, during a commemoration ceremony for the 125th birthday of Joan Manen organised by the Musical Association of Conductors of Barcelona, a number of musicians with a shared interest in the figure of Manen were gathered. After several meetings they agreed to join forces in creating an Association dedicated to Manen, in order to interchange information, do research and organise activities that would bring the legacy of this Catalan violinist and composer to the public eye.


En septiembre de 2010 se constituyó la Asociación como entidad sin ánimo de lucro con el nº44368 en el registro de la Generalitat de Catalunya y el 10 de febrero de 2011, se celebró la presentación oficial de la entidad en el Ateneu Barcelonès en la que se interpretaron varias obras de Joan Manén. Ese mismo año la Asociación publicó el primer disco con la integral de las sardanas del compositor, editado por Músics per la Cobla, conmemoró el 40 aniversario de la muerte del músico con un concierto de sardanas al Pati del Museu Marès de Barcelona y organizó una conferencia-concierto sobre la Fantasía-Sonata para guitarra.In September of 2010 the Joan Manen Association was founded as a non-profit entity (nr. 44368 in the official register of Generalitat de Catalunya) and an official presentation with a performance of several works by Manen was held at the Ateneu Barcelonès on the 10th of February, 2011. That same year, the JMA published its first CD (edited by Músics per la Cobla), which included the complete set of sardanes by Joan Manen, while also organising a commemoratory sardanes concert for the 40th anniversary of the composer’s passing at Museu Marès, as well as a lecture-recital dedicated to Joan Manen’s guitar work Fantasia-Sonata.


In 2012, the first Joan Manen Concert Cycle for Catalan Music was organised, displaying the performances by twelve violinists of different Manen works for his own instrument. However, the scope of the JMA was never limited to the legacy of Joan Manen, but indeed embraced all high-quality Catalan art music of the past and present, and the Association soon decided to include in its statutes the explicit intent to promote the musical heritage of Catalunya. The figure of Joan Manen, in this way, became both the driving force and spear head for this ambitious new project.


Since 2012, the JMA has undertaken a vast and significant amount of work related to recovering and promoting Catalan composers. Its many projects include: the annual concert cycle ELS TEUS CLÀSSICS (previously the Joan Manen Concert Cycle), the edition and publication of the Joan Manen Collection (including numerous volumes of chamber music and symphonic works by the composer), the score editions of musical works by various composers, the organisation of conferences, the promotion of audio recordings of Catalan works recovered by the JMA, the production of two documentary films dedicated to Joan Manen, as well as the collaboration with other concert entities in organising concerts.
The intent of the JMA has always been to join forces with other entities in order to develop a solid project with deep roots within Catalan culture and society. To this end, the JMA has created collaboration agreements with over ninety different organisations.


The JMA has grown into a benchmark organisation that both connects and gives impulse to the musical sector involved with Catalan music and its promotion, while also organising many different activities during the year that provides visibility to the musical heritage of our country.