The Joan Manén Archive guarded and preserved by the Association, is composed of an important documentary and musical background of the composer and violinist. A large part of this archive was owned by the musician and has been donated to the Association.

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from the Joan Manén Archive


  • Manuscripts and printed scores of chamber and symphonic works by the composer

  • Scores by other composers who belonged to Joan Manén, some of them with dedications to the musician

  • Photographies:
    Several original photographies of the composer.
    An original photography by Pablo Sarasate dedicated to Joan Manén.
    A composition of several drawings of Joan Manén made by Joaquim Renart

  • Bronze bust of Joan Manén made in 1957 by sculptor Ramon Sabí

  • Collection of concert programs by Joan Manén

  • Documentation of the activity of the Association since its inception


The Archive has been created from the various donations the Association has received:


Donation of Mrs. Anna Maria Piera from an extensive archive of orchestral and chamber scores by Joan Manén that belonged to the composer.


Donation of Mrs. Maria Jurnet of an original manuscript of the general score of the opera Giovanna di Napoli by Joan Manén.


Donation of Mr. Josep Maria Mercader of a bronze bust of Joan Manén made by the sculptor RamOn Sabí.


Donation of Mrs. Montserrat Aragonés of scores of symphonic works and chamber works of the composer.


Donation of Mr. Josep Maria Carol of the original manuscript of the ballet “Rosario la tirana” by Joan Manén.


Donation of Mrs. Judit Bofarull of a set of scores of works by various composers who belonged to Juan Manén.


Donation of Mr. Samuel Castellanos of a collection of hand programs, letters and an extensive collection of articles on the artistic activity of Joan Manén.

The Archive is completed with various documentation acquired or compiled by the Association and with an extensive digital documentary and sound background about the musician.