Manén y Segovia, sound fantasy for a new time



Manén y Segovia, sound fantasy for a new time

On Friday, June 11, the presentation of the new exhibition "Manén y Segovia, sound fantasy for a new time" will take place at the Andrés Segovia Foundation on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of the composer and violinist. Through an exhibition that includes musical manuscripts, a selection of letters, press clippings, programs and recordings, the close relationship between the two artists will be disseminated and one of the top works of the 20th century guitar repertoire will be highlighted, the Fantasia-Sonata op. A-22. The exhibition can be visited between June 22 and September 24 (closed August).

Manén and Segovia shared the ambition to build a successful international concert career and an enormous magnetism with the public, a trait that was only available to the great soloists. At the same time, Andrés Segovia set himself the challenge of renewing the guitar repertoire that he had inherited from the previous century with pieces written by composers related to his aesthetics. Manén was one of those chosen and in 1929 he dedicated “por y para Andrés Segovia” the Fantasia-Sonata op. A-22. The work was premiered by Segovia on October 9, 1933 in Lausanne.

At present the significance of the Fantasia-Sonata op. A-22 in the repertoire of the instrument in the twentieth century is that Manén transfers to the guitar some of the formal and harmonic Lisztian resources such as thematic metamorphosis or the abundant use of modulation, all of this to create a personal musical discourse with rhythmic and melodic elements of his country.