Joan Manén Complete Songs



Joan Manén Complete Songs

Ediciones Musicales Nausica in collaboration with the Joan Manén Association has just published the score "Joan Manén · Complete Songs" which includes the 26 songs that Joan Manén composed throughout his life. This new edition represents a great step forward in the dissemination of this repertoire recorded by the tenor David Alegret, the soprano Julia Farrés-Llongueras and the pianist Daniel Blanch on two albums published by La mà de guido with the encouragement of the Association Joan Manén.

The variety and quality of Joan Manén's songs has often been shown in concerts organized by the Joan Manén Association. With this edition the Association presents the complete songs based on texts written in Catalan, German, French and Spanish, inspired works that demonstrate the author's ability to surprise the listener with very personal harmonic twists and an evocative capacity. They are works of great eclecticism that were part of the usual repertoire of important historical singers such as Conchita Supervía, Mercè Plantada, Conxita Badia or Francesc Viñas. The publication of the album "Joan Manén · Complete Songs" will allow the dissemination of this repertoire which deserves to have more presence in concerts.

Next March 5 at 6.30 p.m. the Ateneu Barcelonès will host the presentation of the score and the CD "Esclat d'amor", which includes a large part of the songs published. The event will be presented by the musicologist Xavier Chavarria and will include the participation of the performers of the CD.

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