Awarded the Joan Manén Prize in the China-Spain Music Competition



Awarded the Joan Manén Prize in the China-Spain Music Competition

This year in which the 50th anniversary of the death of the violinist and composer is commemorated, the Joan Manén Association has decided to offer two Manén Awards in the "2nd China-Spain Music Competiion" organized by the Zhong Xi Intercultural Association and the Fundació del Conservatori del Liceu.

This year, the participants in two of the categories of this online contest had the possibility of opting for the Joan Manén Prize performing a compulsory work by the composer.

Joan Manén Award (400 euros) - Category A2 (from 12 to 17 years old). Compulsory work: Chanson op. A-8 nº 1 by Joan Manén

Joan Manén Award (600 euros) -Category A1 (from 18 to 26 years old). Compulsory work: Danza ibérica No. 2 op. A-25 by Joan Manén

In category A2, the Joan Manén Prize was awarded to the Chinese violinist Anki Lai for her interpretation of the Chanson op. A-8 no. 1:

In category A1, the Joan Manén Prize has been awarded to the Japanese violinist Taichi Miyamoto for his interpretation of the Iberian Dance no. 2:

From the Joan Manén Association we want to congratulate all the participants for the interest they have shown in the work of Joan Manén. We believe that awards like this allow a good international diffusion among students of the composer's work.