“Esclat d’amor”, the complete songs by Joan Manén on CD


25 MAY 2020

“Esclat d’amor”, the complete songs by Joan Manén on CD

The Joan Manén Association has just released the sixth album from the Joan Manén Collection entitled "Esclat d'amor", a recording that includes the songs for voice and piano by Joan Manén performed by soprano Julia Farrés-Llongueras, tenor David Alegret, and pianist Daniel Blanch. The CD, produced by the Association and edited by La mà de guido, was recorded at the Llinars del Vallès Theater-Auditorium in July 2019.

Joan Manén's twenty-two songs were written about poems in Catalan, Spanish and German by poets such as Elsa-Laura and Ernst Wolzogen, Louis Zacharias, Margarete von Schuch, Tomás Garcés, Luis Doreste or the same author. They are works of a very heterogeneous style, with very different influences but with a common thread: all display great harmonic originality and a perfect fusion of lyrics and music, so that they represent a very important contribution to the genre of song in Spain during the first half of the twentieth century. Among the historical singers that collaborated in the popularisation of the songs, the mezzo-soprano Conchita Supervia, the soprano Mercè Plantada and the tenor Ludwig Walther stand out.

This album is a transcendental contribution to the dissemination of the work of Joan Manén since it is the first world recording of these songs. Recall that the integral of the complete songs was started in 2018 with the recording of "Trois chansons" and "Chant de Pâques" included on the 5th album of the Joan Manén collection "Dialogue, Belvedere & Trois chansons".

The CD can be acquired by requesting at comunicacio@joanmanen.cat or through La mà de guido website.