"Impressions íntimes" first recording by Bernat Padrosa


2 JUNE 2020

"Impressions íntimes" first recording by Bernat Padrosa

The guitarist Bernat Padrosa claims the musical universe of the Catalan guitar with the new CD recording "IMPRESSIONS ÍNTIMES", a monographic album dedicated to Frederic Mompou (1993-87). Although, musicologically, the composer of “Música Callada” has rarely been considered a creator strictly attached to the world of the guitar, the transcription made by Padrosa himself of the “Impressions íntimes” (1911) has not only awakened in him the need to perform a comprehensive project dedicated to Mompou, but has also allowed him to realize how the sound and language of the guitar instrument intensify some of the aesthetic features and postulates of this important figure in the history of Catalan music, such as the «restart»,«Primitivism» or «mysticism». Since the publication, in 1596, of the first treaty, in Europe, for the instrument by Joan Carles i Amat (1672/42), Catalonia and the guitar have formed a binomial by the hand of great composers such as Ferran Sor (1778 -1839), Francesc Tárrega (1952-09), Miquel Llobet (1878 to 1938) and, evidently, Mompou himself who wrote for the instrument Songs and Dances Nos. X and XIII in addition to the Suit Compostelana(1962).

The album has been edited by La mà de guido with the collaboration of the Frederic Mompou Foundation and the Joan Manén Association. The notes of the booklet have been written by Oriol Pérez Treviño. The Joan Manén Association planned to promote and support the official presentation of the album that was to take place in March at the Palau de la Música. Unfortunately, due to the alarm status, the presentation could not be carried out.

The recording was made on May 24, 25 and 26, 2019 at the Sant Joan de Sanata Church with a 1999 Antonio Martin Montero guitar.

The CD can be purchased at the following link

Some of the latest promotional videos for the album are:

Muñeira (Suite Compostelana)

Ocell trist (Impressions íntimes)

El cant dels ocells

To complement the release of the CD, Bernat Padrosa has created a series of online talks to learn about the sources of inspiration that have led him to create “Impressions íntimes”. The cycle of three talks called “Conversacions Mompou” will feature the musicologist and essayist, Oriol Pérez, next Wednesday, June 3, the pianist Adolf Pla, on Wednesday, June 10 and with Bernat Dedéu, musician and philosopher on Wednesday 17 of June. All sessions will be done on instagram live @bernatpadrosa at 6:00 p.m.