Jesús Rodríguez Picó
(Barcelona, 1953- )

Born in Barcelona, Jesús Rodríguez Picó completed his studies at the Superior Music Conservatory of Liceu where he earned a degree. A musician and composer, he expanded his studies of the clarinet in France. He later familiarized himself with a repertoire of contemporary music and worked with numerous famous clarinet players from diverse backgrounds. Between 1976 and 1990 he performed may works for the clarinet, at times recording them for their contemporary composers. He has also performed with the jazz group called the 'Quintet Box'.

In 1976, Jesús Rodríguez became building his musical portfolio. His first works included 'Polisonia 1 y 2', 'Volt' and 'Apsû'. In 1979, he became work on a new piece for the orchestra, La ciutat i les estrelles and two works for the National Orchestra of Spain: 'Concert núm.1 per a clarinet i orquestra' and 'la Sinfonía Americana'. His works fell into two categories, the concerts for clarinet and orchestra, and the others for the guitar and strings.

The many works completed have resulted in important connections and networking across various fields of performance, resulting as well, in a certain preference for works the intermix the clarinet and saxophone, such as in 'La Sonata Colombina' for the clarinet and piano, and 'La Sonata Marina' for the saxophone and piano.

Many of Rodríguez’s work includes titles with the name 'Danses', and these works draw from the book, Italo Calvin Le Cittá Invisibili, and all have common rhythm and other elements.

His first work for the stage was an opera called 'El paradís de les muntanyes' (Paradise of the Mountains) with text by Miquel Desclot and performed in the Theatre Lliure in Barcelona. Later, he composed other similar operas such as 'Hotel Occident' and 'Opportunitas'.

While simultaneously working as a composer, he also participated in educated the next generation of composers at the Professional Music Conservatory of Badalona. He collaborated in various methods of communication with Radio Barcelona and several magazines. In 1987 he elaborated a project for the emissary of music of Catalonia where he was responsible for the programming for three years. At this time, the emissary was incorporated into the Catalonian Government’s Department of Culture. After this, he returned to teaching and added several works to his portfolio as performed by his students.


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