Frank Marshall
(Mataró, 1883- Barcelona, 1959)

When he was very young, he showed a predisposition towards music. He began studying with Teodor Solà Vendrell in Mataró. Later he moved to Barcelona to study at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu with Francesc de Paula Sánchez Gavagnach and with Professor Puyé. He studied with Enrique Granados and in 1907 he became the assistant director-general of piano studies at the Academia Granados.

He began to develop a career as a pianist and performed in different European and American capitals. In 1906 he gave concerts at the Milan Exposition and in Germany. In 1907 he won the Ortiz & Cussó Prize in the Sobrequés y Reig Competition with the work "Suite Catalònia" for piano. The close relationship that he maintained with Enrique Granados made him become the legitimized continuator of his Piano school through the Academia Granados and through the principles of sonority and use of the pedal that he transmitted with a method. When Granados passed away in 1916, Frank Marshall became director of the Academia Granados until 1920, the year he changed the name to Academia Marshall.

Between 1926 and 1927, Marshall participates in the Falla Festivals in Barcelona, ??performing the "Nights in the gardens of Spain" conducted by the composer himself. He was invited to be part of juries of prestigious competitions such as the Vienna International Piano Competition or the Frederic Chopin International Competition. Parallel to his pedagogical work, he was Deputy Director of the Asociación de Cultura Musical de Barcelona.

He was the teacher of a whole generation of Catalan pianists, among whom the brothers Carles and Giocasta Corma, Mercè Roldós, Maria Vilardell, Rosa Maria Kucharsky, Rosa Sabater, Albert Attenelle, Carlota Garriga and Alicia de Larrocha stand out. As a composer he wrote several works for the piano and many songs.


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